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'So ME' (Social Me) Mobile Therapy uses renovated buses-turned-mobile-therapy-offices so that you can get quality mental health treatment wherever you need it.

What is 'So ME' mobile therapy?

Good question! Social ME helps our clients experience therapy that's 'So ME' by offering interventions that are personalized, empowering, and designed to support your individual needs. This transformative approach fosters personal growth and authentic connections so that you can rediscover what it means to feel 'So ME' again.

'So ME' care includes...

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What We Do

Social ME is a mobile therapy clinic designed to remove treatment roadblocks for both youth and adults who are struggling with anxiety & obsessive-compulsive disorders.

We understand how difficult life can be when you're struggling with mental health issues. That's why we've created a mobile therapy clinic that brings the treatment to you. Our buses are equipped with everything you need to get the help you deserve, including a private office, virtual exposure technology, and trained professionals. We also offer telehealth services for those who prefer to meet with their therapist virtually.

We bring therapy to...

...and more!
Who We Are
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Experience and Innovation

As founder of Social ME, my focus is always on you, the client. I've worked tirelessly to expand and refine our services, ensuring we provide the highest quality of care while continuously developing new ways to meet your mental health needs.

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Leadership and Results

Our dedication to achieving real, impactful results means we constantly evolve our services. Through comprehensive staff training and thoughtful program development, we are better equipped to facilitate meaningful, positive change in the lives of those we serve.

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* Please be aware that Social ME is NOT a crisis mobile unit. We value your mental health and well-being greatly. However, we are not equipped to handle mental health emergencies. If you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis, we strongly advise you to call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room immediately. Our services should not be used as a substitute for emergency medical care.